to offer you the event that even you did not dreamt of

What do we do in addition to a regular DMC one might ask…

A part from “transfer services, accommodation suggestions, team building activities, city tours, meetings & incentives, tailor made FIT tours, luxury customized programs, venue findings, gala dinner events, product launches, technical and decorational equipments”

We create each and every single time a fully customized program; not in general but in every sense of the word !
Unlike others, we are, after all, multitasking…
GreenQueen GREENQUEEN : We are fully engaged in sustainable and green travel because we believe it is still possible to maintain tourism without harming natural and cultural environments.

As we all know, the plastics's invasion on our planet is a reality… So, as a start we got rid of all plastics for good! They are banned from our offices !! Regarding the printed items, we try to reduce them as much as we can !

Then, when it comes to the purchase of food and drinks to our offices, we started to do it from local suppliers only, and this philosophy spread and penetrated in our personal as well as in our professional lives. We insist on the fact that the more we go local, the more we help the planet recover! GreenQueen

Please be assured we do our best to choose eco-friendly restaurants and passionate local suppliers to create a natural cycle to support a sustainable/green Tourism!” GreenQueen

We would like to share with you the best recipe for a successful and memorable event


1- Adding a great amount of energy

2- Mixing originality with custom-made

3- Seasoning it with a pinch of innovation

4- And serving with passion

Our aim is to fill your event with the aroma of success. Qincentive DMC, the master chef of event recipes.

Let's cook together

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