This is exactly where our story begins;

We did conceive a DMC our way!

We are a Destination Management Company with a young and in vogue team dedicated to create new approaches;

We want to keep up with the times, now and the future.

We have been doing this for a while so we have enough experience & maturity in this industry to understand your needs and at the same time, we are young & new enough to bring out original ideas.

We have an advantage ; we are a team made of women mostly so our way is always meticulous, quick & easy and always with a touch of fashion !

We, women, are known as being able to “multitask”; therefore we will encourage you to challenge us organise and design a customized program, while you will save time by getting concentrated on other important points that you need to settle on your side.

Creative Agency



Jan Tourism


Creative Agency


Creative Agency

This is also the reason why HIS GLOBAL has chosen to grow with talented women and thus, acquired the joyful brand of Qincentive DMC.

They have always trusted in the power of women and wanted to give them more presence and opportunity in the business world.

From today on, we have united our forces and believe that this partnership will make the difference we have always desired.